Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Nationwide Call For Legal Counsel

I received an email from a reader of this blog at about midnight last night. He did not believe he belonged on his state's sex offender registry, could I help?

Lawyers are must seek a separate license for each jurisdiction in which they want to practice. While nothing prevents a lawyer from affiliating with local counsel to appear in a jurisdiction to which he is not admitted to practice, this is a very costly way of proceeding. It is often not necessary to incur the added expense of an extra lawyer.

Fortunately, I knew a lawyer in the jurisdiction in which last night's writer's issue arose. I was able to refer the man to local counsel. I am confident that the referral is a good one. I know a little about the lawyer to whom I referred the case.

But often people ask about lawyers in locations in which I don't know anyone. What then?

I would like to compile a list of lawyers throughout the 50 states and territories who have experience in representing those accused of sex offenses. The goal is to coordinate research and defense in these cases: to learn what works and what does not work. To probe for soft spots in the law, and to press for reform both in and out of court.

Please pass this email along to friends and colleagues. Send me notes on those lawyers you'd like to see on the list. I am not sure where this is headed, but I know that the longest journey begins with but a single step. I've just taken mine. I need you to take yours now.

Confidential inquiries and comments can be sent to:


  1. The sex crime witch-hunt has gone too far. Too many good, decent people are put sex offender lists for the most minor of offences. If one cares about basic justice or the constitution, I invite them to look visit the website:

  2. This is a GREAT idea, a national compilation of lawyers to assist folks. Accordingly, I just added a link to this specific post on our NEW blog (Congress, Courts and National Legislation). The purpose of the blog is simply to focus on "sex offenders and sex offenses" in a national sense. Here is the link to the NEW blog:


  3. keep up the good work! I wish I was a lawyer, I would join!

    Sarah Crabtree,

  4. There haven't been any comments on this post in awhile. Did the list of attorneys ever materialize?

    Joe's friend


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